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WinFF 0.42 is a GUI for the command line video converter, FFMPEG
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WinFF 0.42 is a GUI for the command line video converter, FFMPEG.
This program will convert most video files that FFmpeg will convert.

WinFF converts multiple files in multiple formats at one time, like, for example, mpeg's, flv's, and mov's, all into avi's all at once.

WinFF 0.42 has different versions available for Windows 95, 98 , ME, NT, XP, VISTA, and Debian, Ubuntu, and Redhat based GNU/Linux distributions. It can be installed and run in 7 different languages.

The interface is pretty simple. You can Add, Remove or Clear files in the converting list. You can press the "Play" button in order to see the video file to be converted, display the Additional Options (Video Bitrate, Frame Rate, Video Size, Aspect Ratio, 2 passes, Deinterlace, Audio Bitrate, Sample Rate, AC or Additional Command Line Parameters). Of course, you can change any value that you like.

Pressing the "Convert" button will start the conversion procedure, opening a DOS box that will display FFMPEG messages. Once the conversion has been finished, you must press any key to return to Windows.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The program is a very simple interface to manage FFMPEG conversion. It´s free


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